Here is where you come in!!!!

So I have been doing local stuff, eating local stuff, thinking local thoughts while raising my local babies, but I have not been posting. I realize I am waiting to hear some great tips from you about the hidden treasures of our city and Province. Please share with me your favorite things. I need to be turned on and lit up by something special this week. I will aspire to post fantastic finds if you send me in the right direction!  Until then I will be sipping rum and making snowflakes here at home.


2 responses to “Here is where you come in!!!!

  • margaret drescher

    What kind of rum?
    xo mom

  • Jen

    you have already named some of my favourite local places (steve-o-reno’s, love me boutique, local source market), and but i’ve been thinking about some others…

    favourite second hand stores: the entire block of queen st (at doyle st) – including elsie’s, put me on, clothes horse, and encore (and then spree, around the corner on brunswick). i love the different demographics for these stores and how i am always able to find something i love in any of them.

    favourite restaurants: chives (for special occasions); mexico lindo (for cheap good eats); coastal cafe (for brunch); henry house (for pub food and beer).

    new favourite thing: the new swanky lounge at the Henry House on Barrington – their third floor has been converted into “the drawing room” – a cozy lounge with martinis and appetizers. i’ve always loved the henry house, but now we don’t have to stand around doing nothing while we wait for a table when it’s busy. the new lounge also functions as the waiting room for groups looking for a table in the restaurant/pub.

    favourite out of town spot: sugar moon maple farm in earltown NS. in the winter, we like to go for a snow-shoe through on the adjacent rogart mtn trail and then get a big pancake breakfast and warm drinks inside this pancake house.

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