Local Laps = Happy Halifax

Laps around the Oval that is! Everywhere I go I am hearing buzz and joy about skating. I had no idea people loved skating this much. But really it has nothing to do with skating. To me the excitement in the air is about … well, being in the air! Outside, in the center of town, with your kids (or someone elses), and not shopping. I think that we are desperate for ways to get out and not shop. Maybe because we are broke or maybe because we don’t need anything, but either way we wonder…”What else is there to do?”

So Happy Haligonian, keep skating all day and all night. Pray to the gods of alternatives to shopping- or the goddesses of good things (people, skates,fresh air and beavertails)- keep the Oval open forever. But the Oval itself is not a cure-all, so let it inspire us to build new ways to gather, meet each other, be outdoors in the city and enjoy ourselves and our neighbors.

ps. these puppies would be a sure way to get me on the ice everyday!


2 responses to “Local Laps = Happy Halifax

  • William Drescher

    I’ve been really excited to hear all the buzz about the oval. I’m not a big skater but I’m hoping to get out soon to experience it for myself!

  • lovemeboutique

    I think it is swell that there are FREE rentals for skates and helmets keeping the Oval accessible to anyone who is willing. Let us keep encouraging the city to take this on in years to come.

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