Walking the Walk and Talking the Talk

What a walk and talk I had today with my sweet friend. We talked of  wealth and lack, offering and receiving as we walked through my sunny, slushy hood. I have some fantastic friends. I guess this is the natural resource that I rely on most. Most of them were locally produced even if their parents were imported, and some of them have imported themselves and started to put down their own roots and/or grow their own babies! People are a huge part of place. We are a product of where we live, and where we live is a product of our values and efforts. I am starting to see this relationship up close as I extend out to my friends when I need help. When I need a baby holder or a writing editor, a recipe or a ride, I call on my friends and they always come through. I feel inspired to offer what I can in return and continually propagate a culture of generosity. What a wonderful way to recognize our local depth and ability to care for each other. Community building can be as simple as sharing a walk or a meal, advice or a snow shovel.


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