The Big Bowl

Friday Market today. How wonderful! All the fantastic foods smelled delicious for the international day. But, for me, the gem of the day was Ironwood Bowls. Wow. These bowls are made here in Halifax by the MacDonald family. We met Laurie at the Market and she told us how her father made the bowl making tools with old motors and her mother places each of the “Ironwood” letters on the bottom of each bowl. A family affair indeed. She make the bowls from scrap wood from big timber companies- bought by the ton! Some of the wood is made into beautiful bowls and the rest gets used for firewood. Each bowl is made by digging one out of the next- like nesting bowls- to use as much of the wood as possible. Off- cuts are also made into necklaces with beautiful grain patterns. The bowls I saw today range fro $65-$325. They are perfect family heirlooms, just in time for wedding season!


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