For the Love of No Car

I was walking down Almon st yesterday, sending Gabe and Noel off to school and taking the Shrimpy one to the grocery. I said goodbye to the guys with”I love you”‘ and “Have a good day”, and headed down Robie towards Young. I walked along with a bright mind and a light heart. I started to think about my vow to reveal the heart of February as well as my own. What do I love? I looked around at the morning traffic, exhaust covered snowbanks, busy gas station and stressed drivers.

I LOVE not having a car. I love walking against traffic and knowing I wont have to go to the filler station, find a parking spot or pay parking tickets. I love  that I have to walk in all weather and with groceries and children. I love the sun and snow and fog and grey. I may curse the wind tunnels and the icy sidewalks in January, but I love this city because we have an intimate and raw relationship.  So I invite you cold wind, salt stains and late buses,wake me up and show me the edges of my heart.


4 responses to “For the Love of No Car

  • Walter

    Yes. As a fellow Haligonian walker, I agree. Beautifully said Marguerite.

  • Saskia Tait

    Love it. 😉
    You are making me miss exhaust stained snow banks. How did you manage that?!
    Love, S.

  • Terry

    I LOVE not having a car. I love walking in all kinds of weather and knowing that I have the right clothing to do it. I love buying new footwear instead of new tires. I love the exhiliration of walking in a cold wind under a warm sun. I love that it slows me down and allows me to see the flowers, snowmen, art, colours, light, people, neighbours, animals, birds and brilliance of the world around me.

    I love this blog. And I love your writing marguerite!

  • Scott

    I like not having a car too. I use one when we have access and I like that too. It’s just so much less stressful to not have a car. The parking is stressful. Your Dad once calculated the average speed of a vehicle in the city once you factor in all the expense. 5 km/hr. I can walk that fast!

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