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Makenew at Love, Me

Anna Gilkerson’s current Makenew collection is at Love, Me Boutique all day today! I was at the shop last eve and  was so impressed by the whole scene. Anna has managed to create collections of vintage clothes with such cohesion and a small footprint.

I love the concept. Recycled clothes are great… but we can feel sometimes like it is second best. Makenew is the perfect antidote. Each piece takes on new life within the theme of the collection, it finds new ways to be worn that are current and in great taste. Kinda like have a personal shopper and a stylist- but you will still spend less than you would shopping new!

Check out the website to see the collections and the great fashion photos (you can shop online too!).

It is totally worth going to see the clothes in person though. Head down to my favorite shop in Halifax, Love, Me Boutique!

1539 Birmingham St
Halifax, NS B3J 2J6
(902) 444-3668


Wanna Work Together?

I like working around other people. I really like working with other people. Unfortunately a lot of the work I do seems to be solitary: writing emails, writing blog posts, drawing and designing. I enjoy the work I do, but I find that if I am alone, I have a hard time being disciplined, I run into roadblocks and I get restless easily. So, along with many others, I take my work out into the world. I perch with my laptop at Steve-o-reno’s or Fred and drink lattes while doing the same work I would have done at home. Despite the interruptions, chats and bustle of a cafe, I still get more work done. I feel inspired and invigorated by the world and people around me and I use my time more efficiently.

In a further effort to do work around others, I have become a member at The Hub on Barrington St. The Hub is a shared workspace where many individuals (lawyers, designers, programmers, facilitators, entrepreneurs…etc.) get together, in a beautiful space, and do their own work. Fortunately there are no cubicles, and the cross pollination of this shared place is alive and sparky. People network, share ideas, and develop partnerships. Although I am still learning the lay of the land, I feel as though I am on a honeymoon, basking in the vibrant social environment, focused and grounded in my work and ready for the next big moment.

Another social work situation in my life is The Mother Hub on Almon St. Having a new baby at home it has been very challenging to keep up with work demand on top of babe care and house hold tasks. I found myself having this conversation with mother’s all around me. “How do you get anything done?” So, inspired by The Hub, I opened my house up on Tuesday to new mother’s who need some space to get something done. People bring there babes and a lunch and the task at hand. We swap around to allow for each person to have some time to write, read, fill out forms, knit, make some calls…or even have a nap. A sense of accomplishment and support is the result.

Together and alone there is much to be done. I appreciate that my work is exponentially better when created with others and my energy is increased when inspired by the work of others. Halifax is a great place to share ideas, not only because we need a lot of great ones, but also because there is so much potential for them to be realized.

Heartbreak is the new Romance

This was the title of a photo show a I did at NSCAD years ago. I felt so fed up with the myth of romance and much more connected to the reality of heartbreak. The  images I used were of a wind-up toy heart in the refrigerator. It was a visual choice more than a symbolic one really, but the images have remained meaningful to me so far. They are fully in tune with the theme this month. All about the power of vulnerability, dissolving boundaries and exploring the real love.

In my relationships with parents, friends, lovers and children, I have experienced the greatest love through heartbreak. I am not talking about the “OMG I got dumped and now have to spend Valentine’s Day ALONE!” kinda heartbreak. This is the kind where you actually feel your heart. Bloody and beating and tender and gross. Together is not better than alone because they are equally exposed and terrifying. Heartbreak that makes you wonder if you will ever feel anything else, while kind of hoping it will last forever.

Let’s take this day, this stupid day of hallmark  cards, disgusting candy and ridiculous pesticide soaked imported flowers and kick it to the curb. Make your own tradition of feeling your heart, as the magical and potent organ that it is. Wear it on the outside of your clothes and let the blood drip down into the snow as you walk down the street. Do not be embarrassed by your  show of tenderness but instead feel the dignity and power of true love. A broken heart.


Love to Share

This is a great talk. I love the concept cause I love to share. Well this is not completely and always true… but a lot of the time I like to share. My house, my food, my books, my thoughts, my children. I like to share other peoples cars, food, children power tools…  I felt so inspired by the very idea that this sort of thing is happening in such a huge way.

On a personal level sharing helps me to break out of my self indulgent patterns. If I begin thinking of how I can use the things I have to help others, I become less territorial about the things I own. I am less eager to accumulate more things, and begin to see needing help as an opportunity to reach out. I don’t see “needing help” as a deficiency, or some kind of poverty, but as the simple reality that all people are not all things, we don’t own all the things(or we shouldn’t have to!), we live together and we are interdependent. Things become a way to connect with others, and to learn to ask for help, even if that is as simple as ” Can I borrow one of your purses for my trip to Toronto?” (true story). I am realizing, more and more, that asking for help is as generous as offering help. How can we share our needs and offerings in order to uncover our own vulnerability and the wealth of our community? Share your ideas with me. I would love to hear what you know of that is happening in this vast field of sharing, collaboration and community.

Fall off the Bus

In the grand weekend of my mother’s birthday celebration we travelled down to Gottingen st. to the Bus Stop Theater to see Falling Off the Page, a dance piece inspired by Japanese Calligraphy. It was a beautiful, sunny and freezing Saturday afternoon. The Bus Stop was not yet too busy, as we had wanted to arrive early enough and get good seats. We bought our tickets and tried our hand at brush and ink stations set up around the room. There were films of the dancers practicing calligraphy as well. The whole room was black and white, ink and paper, sun and walls. When we entered the theater we realized there are no bad seats at the Bus Stop. Most of the room was dedicated to the dance space and we were so close we could hear feet and breath and jumps.The piece was so tender and genuine. I walked out feeling full and excited. Excited that the place where I live has so much to offer. A feast of music, dance, food, art, ideas, writing, commerce and community. I must seek no further because when I really pay attention there is nothing missing.

Tassel and Fringe

I love earrings. It will be something I really miss in this year of no shopping. I like to have new earrings all the time. A different pair for each outfit really. I guess this addiction has left me with some limitations in my shopping choices because although there are a lot of incredible jewelers in the province there are not a lot whose work I could afford on an ongoing basis. So I was extremely pleased to find Rita Van Tassel’s work in Love, Me Boutique last summer. I got a great pair of bright orange and teal earrings for a perfect $24. I realized later that Rita and I had gone to school together on the South Shore. We met again at the Crafter’s Market in December where I purchased another pair (or 2) of her dangly goods. They are my favorites and I will not tire of them any time soon. Rita’s work is totally stylish, playful, locally made and sustainably sourced. Almost all of her materials are off cuts too small for other projects but perfect for you and your feathery, fringy fancies. You can find her on Etsy at

The Big Bowl

Friday Market today. How wonderful! All the fantastic foods smelled delicious for the international day. But, for me, the gem of the day was Ironwood Bowls. Wow. These bowls are made here in Halifax by the MacDonald family. We met Laurie at the Market and she told us how her father made the bowl making tools with old motors and her mother places each of the “Ironwood” letters on the bottom of each bowl. A family affair indeed. She make the bowls from scrap wood from big timber companies- bought by the ton! Some of the wood is made into beautiful bowls and the rest gets used for firewood. Each bowl is made by digging one out of the next- like nesting bowls- to use as much of the wood as possible. Off- cuts are also made into necklaces with beautiful grain patterns. The bowls I saw today range fro $65-$325. They are perfect family heirlooms, just in time for wedding season!

A video in the hood

Gabe and I watched this today and it reminded me of the best things about Halifax. I felt the sun and the grey. The sweet and the grit. What really got me though was what fun people had. This is the kinda scene that I totally believe. This stuff happens in Hali all the time. We know how to make a good time that is for sure. Thanks Jenn and all you happy dancers! Make more videos and neighborhood dance parties. That goes for everybody!

Here is where you come in!!!!

So I have been doing local stuff, eating local stuff, thinking local thoughts while raising my local babies, but I have not been posting. I realize I am waiting to hear some great tips from you about the hidden treasures of our city and Province. Please share with me your favorite things. I need to be turned on and lit up by something special this week. I will aspire to post fantastic finds if you send me in the right direction!  Until then I will be sipping rum and making snowflakes here at home.

Love in the Downtown

Love, Me Boutique is an all time favorite for downtown shopping. Creative displays, friendly chats and always exciting stuff. I love that I can afford Art at Love, Me. Whether it is a hand painted card, a felted pin or a luxe scarf I feel like any item will be cherished for a long time. This is a place where heirlooms originate. With my eyes peeled for Halifax made goods I ventured in yesterday. The find of the day: the sweetest sleep masks ever known made by Alison Campbell. Hand embroidered beauties so comfy you wanna take a nap. Also my favorite feathery earrings, wooden rings and the cutest baby gifts of all. (including patchwork quilts by yours truly!). So take a look and a shop. I know you know someone that needs a good nap.