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Makenew at Love, Me

Anna Gilkerson’s current Makenew collection is at Love, Me Boutique all day today! I was at the shop last eve and  was so impressed by the whole scene. Anna has managed to create collections of vintage clothes with such cohesion and a small footprint.

I love the concept. Recycled clothes are great… but we can feel sometimes like it is second best. Makenew is the perfect antidote. Each piece takes on new life within the theme of the collection, it finds new ways to be worn that are current and in great taste. Kinda like have a personal shopper and a stylist- but you will still spend less than you would shopping new!

Check out the website to see the collections and the great fashion photos (you can shop online too!).

It is totally worth going to see the clothes in person though. Head down to my favorite shop in Halifax, Love, Me Boutique!

1539 Birmingham St
Halifax, NS B3J 2J6
(902) 444-3668


Farm Love

I am a city mouse/country mouse. I don’t think I will ever be one or the other. I was fortunate enough to grow up with a farm life and an urban life. I feel deeply connected to the busy, moving, social world of the city and the earthy, open, quiet space of the farm and forest. These two places offer me nourishment in different ways and help me to gain perspective on the other.

I have been hearing more and more about farm centered events in the city. Musicians for Farmers, Love your Farmer, dinners hosted by farmers, and connecting producers and consumers more directly… I am so excited about this wave and look forward to learning more. I will keep you all up to date on the latest trends in Farm Love arena.

This week there will be a rally at the Turning Circle next to the Seaport Market. Saturday Feb. 26th at 11am. Come and show your support for farmers, food, and the protection of our precious farmland. See you there!

Fall off the Bus

In the grand weekend of my mother’s birthday celebration we travelled down to Gottingen st. to the Bus Stop Theater to see Falling Off the Page, a dance piece inspired by Japanese Calligraphy. It was a beautiful, sunny and freezing Saturday afternoon. The Bus Stop was not yet too busy, as we had wanted to arrive early enough and get good seats. We bought our tickets and tried our hand at brush and ink stations set up around the room. There were films of the dancers practicing calligraphy as well. The whole room was black and white, ink and paper, sun and walls. When we entered the theater we realized there are no bad seats at the Bus Stop. Most of the room was dedicated to the dance space and we were so close we could hear feet and breath and jumps.The piece was so tender and genuine. I walked out feeling full and excited. Excited that the place where I live has so much to offer. A feast of music, dance, food, art, ideas, writing, commerce and community. I must seek no further because when I really pay attention there is nothing missing.

A video in the hood

Gabe and I watched this today and it reminded me of the best things about Halifax. I felt the sun and the grey. The sweet and the grit. What really got me though was what fun people had. This is the kinda scene that I totally believe. This stuff happens in Hali all the time. We know how to make a good time that is for sure. Thanks Jenn and all you happy dancers! Make more videos and neighborhood dance parties. That goes for everybody!

Local Laps = Happy Halifax

Laps around the Oval that is! Everywhere I go I am hearing buzz and joy about skating. I had no idea people loved skating this much. But really it has nothing to do with skating. To me the excitement in the air is about … well, being in the air! Outside, in the center of town, with your kids (or someone elses), and not shopping. I think that we are desperate for ways to get out and not shop. Maybe because we are broke or maybe because we don’t need anything, but either way we wonder…”What else is there to do?”

So Happy Haligonian, keep skating all day and all night. Pray to the gods of alternatives to shopping- or the goddesses of good things (people, skates,fresh air and beavertails)- keep the Oval open forever. But the Oval itself is not a cure-all, so let it inspire us to build new ways to gather, meet each other, be outdoors in the city and enjoy ourselves and our neighbors.

ps. these puppies would be a sure way to get me on the ice everyday!

Good Morning Local Looters

Today is Sunday December 5th 2010 and I have some treats for you! Of course the Halifax Crafter’s Market is on again today from 11-6… that is where I am headed first. Yesterday was great, lots of people, energy and a very cheerful bunch of very talented makers. I feel fortunate to be included in such a delicious show of creativity, skill and downright art. The sun is shining this morning and I am anxious to get out there and do my part in ridding the need for ziploc bags! Come by to buy, look and have a treat and sweet chat.

Later tonight at Foxy Moon there will be a product launch and art exhibit. I am super excited about my new dry shampoo. It gives me lotsa lift and smells great. Next I will try the organic hair paste. How cool that we can find hair product made right here. Go check it out and support handmade hair.  Next someone has to make toothpaste!

So I have a full day ahead and I am ready. See you soon!

(To the left:Wanderlust has beautiful hats, cards and mug hugs!)

Art on Almon

I was walking down Almon st. this morning on my way to parent/teacher interviews feeling as grey as the Halifax sky. Leave it to my 4yr old, Gabe, to cheer me up with his curiosity. All of a sudden we felt surrounded by art. Free art everywhere. “Who put this here? Why are there records outside? Another ghost!” I guess this has nothing to do with shopping… but there is plenty of time for that later because it is BUY NOTHING DAY!!!!

Halifax Crafters Market

Join us at the Olympic Center on December 4th & 5th for zillions of little handmade beauties. Heather and I will be launching our line of re-usable snack and lunch bags made with vintage and found fabrics. Also at our table with be patchwork baby quilts, stuffies, penrolls, pukerchiefs, cards and more… See you there. xo