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Makenew at Love, Me

Anna Gilkerson’s current Makenew collection is at Love, Me Boutique all day today! I was at the shop last eve and  was so impressed by the whole scene. Anna has managed to create collections of vintage clothes with such cohesion and a small footprint.

I love the concept. Recycled clothes are great… but we can feel sometimes like it is second best. Makenew is the perfect antidote. Each piece takes on new life within the theme of the collection, it finds new ways to be worn that are current and in great taste. Kinda like have a personal shopper and a stylist- but you will still spend less than you would shopping new!

Check out the website to see the collections and the great fashion photos (you can shop online too!).

It is totally worth going to see the clothes in person though. Head down to my favorite shop in Halifax, Love, Me Boutique!

1539 Birmingham St
Halifax, NS B3J 2J6
(902) 444-3668


Tassel and Fringe

I love earrings. It will be something I really miss in this year of no shopping. I like to have new earrings all the time. A different pair for each outfit really. I guess this addiction has left me with some limitations in my shopping choices because although there are a lot of incredible jewelers in the province there are not a lot whose work I could afford on an ongoing basis. So I was extremely pleased to find Rita Van Tassel’s work in Love, Me Boutique last summer. I got a great pair of bright orange and teal earrings for a perfect $24. I realized later that Rita and I had gone to school together on the South Shore. We met again at the Crafter’s Market in December where I purchased another pair (or 2) of her dangly goods. They are my favorites and I will not tire of them any time soon. Rita’s work is totally stylish, playful, locally made and sustainably sourced. Almost all of her materials are off cuts too small for other projects but perfect for you and your feathery, fringy fancies. You can find her on Etsy at

The Big Bowl

Friday Market today. How wonderful! All the fantastic foods smelled delicious for the international day. But, for me, the gem of the day was Ironwood Bowls. Wow. These bowls are made here in Halifax by the MacDonald family. We met Laurie at the Market and she told us how her father made the bowl making tools with old motors and her mother places each of the “Ironwood” letters on the bottom of each bowl. A family affair indeed. She make the bowls from scrap wood from big timber companies- bought by the ton! Some of the wood is made into beautiful bowls and the rest gets used for firewood. Each bowl is made by digging one out of the next- like nesting bowls- to use as much of the wood as possible. Off- cuts are also made into necklaces with beautiful grain patterns. The bowls I saw today range fro $65-$325. They are perfect family heirlooms, just in time for wedding season!

Rootbrew, Gingerbrew and always some IPA.

A visit to Propeller on Gottingen street today was just what I needed. I was stocking up for the season, root and ginger to go with the rum and pale ale for the beer lovers. The shop itself is delightful with its brewery smells. I love filling up my growlers for $9 and pouring them out for friends to share back home. If you have a growler lover in your family you should def buy them a wetsuit for their bottle. So cool. I guess more for the summer months but always a great way to keep your beer cool looking, and cool tasting. We are so lucky to have good local brews in this city… Let them know you love them next time you stop by!

Dreaming of a Solstice Dinner

What will we have? Ham, chicken or a roast? Brie and crackers or maybe Solstice Sushi? Today I was inspired by one of my favorite Halifax spots, Local Source Market. I could not make it all the way to the Farmer’s Market today and so I stopped into LSM on my way home. I was very pleased with my finds: smoked bacon, delicata squash, soft goat cheese and some Propeller root beer (to try with the Ironworks Rum!). It felt great in there today, yummy smells, cheerful people picking up their CSA boxes and smiling staff. Local Source is a perfect place to but holiday house gifts, maple syrup is always a great choice or a homemade chutney or relish. Also a good plan? Plan your winter meals around what is grown here in Nova Scotia and what is in season… Very easy with the right inspiration.

Everyone needs a cup of Local Jo

Well if you have ever been to Local Jo you probably know it is my second home. My children crawl on the floor, play with the toys and eat marvelous pizza and lemon poppyseed shortbread cookies. I drink latte’s and always take home some sweet williams sausage or a fresh loaf of bread. There is nothing this place can’t do! Warm, child friendly, local gift ideas, yummy food, great coffee and they even have cheesecake and Dee Dee’s Ice Cream. I think every hood should have its own version of Local Jo. A meeting place where you can find a good lunch and the local staples you need to make dinner. They also provide a space for your events… I guess I will see you there.

Good Morning Local Looters

Today is Sunday December 5th 2010 and I have some treats for you! Of course the Halifax Crafter’s Market is on again today from 11-6… that is where I am headed first. Yesterday was great, lots of people, energy and a very cheerful bunch of very talented makers. I feel fortunate to be included in such a delicious show of creativity, skill and downright art. The sun is shining this morning and I am anxious to get out there and do my part in ridding the need for ziploc bags! Come by to buy, look and have a treat and sweet chat.

Later tonight at Foxy Moon there will be a product launch and art exhibit. I am super excited about my new dry shampoo. It gives me lotsa lift and smells great. Next I will try the organic hair paste. How cool that we can find hair product made right here. Go check it out and support handmade hair.  Next someone has to make toothpaste!

So I have a full day ahead and I am ready. See you soon!

(To the left:Wanderlust has beautiful hats, cards and mug hugs!)

Halifax Crafters Market

Join us at the Olympic Center on December 4th & 5th for zillions of little handmade beauties. Heather and I will be launching our line of re-usable snack and lunch bags made with vintage and found fabrics. Also at our table with be patchwork baby quilts, stuffies, penrolls, pukerchiefs, cards and more… See you there. xo