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Fall off the Bus

In the grand weekend of my mother’s birthday celebration we travelled down to Gottingen st. to the Bus Stop Theater to see Falling Off the Page, a dance piece inspired by Japanese Calligraphy. It was a beautiful, sunny and freezing Saturday afternoon. The Bus Stop was not yet too busy, as we had wanted to arrive early enough and get good seats. We bought our tickets and tried our hand at brush and ink stations set up around the room. There were films of the dancers practicing calligraphy as well. The whole room was black and white, ink and paper, sun and walls. When we entered the theater we realized there are no bad seats at the Bus Stop. Most of the room was dedicated to the dance space and we were so close we could hear feet and breath and jumps.The piece was so tender and genuine. I walked out feeling full and excited. Excited that the place where I live has so much to offer. A feast of music, dance, food, art, ideas, writing, commerce and community. I must seek no further because when I really pay attention there is nothing missing.