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Everyone needs a cup of Local Jo

Well if you have ever been to Local Jo you probably know it is my second home. My children crawl on the floor, play with the toys and eat marvelous pizza and lemon poppyseed shortbread cookies. I drink latte’s and always take home some sweet williams sausage or a fresh loaf of bread. There is nothing this place can’t do! Warm, child friendly, local gift ideas, yummy food, great coffee and they even have cheesecake and Dee Dee’s Ice Cream. I think every hood should have its own version of Local Jo. A meeting place where you can find a good lunch and the local staples you need to make dinner. They also provide a space for your events… I guess I will see you there.


Kid Lit Loot

I have been going to Woozle’s since I was a tiny child. Now that I have a couple of children myself I am back in the routine of stopping in for a visit. Gabe loves the train tables, there is a super comfy chair for nursing and I always learn about a new great book. Today I went to talk to my old friend Suzy Crocker about the local authors, illustrators and publishers they carry at the shop. I had no idea what I was in for. There were so many books! I had no idea what to focus on… The picture here is of Shauntay Grant’s new book, “The City Speaks in Drums”, with artwork by Susan Tooke. There are even copies with the CD of Shauntay reading which is a must if you know her voice. Amazing imagery from Halifax too. The booty I brought home for my pirate lovers is called “The Dread Crew”,  by Kate Inglis and art by Sydney Smith, which involves some recycling pirates with a bad reputation. So next time you stop into Woozle’s ask about the Local Lit, you will be delighted at the hidden treasures.