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Love for Love

So it is the end of the love month and I have one last post to make.

A personal love that informs and supports all of the other areas of my life. This is for my sweet and loyal husband, best friend and partner in all things, Noel. It has been a challenging month of juggling children, working our butts off, keeping the house together and making plans. Our lives are exploding with ideas and  inspiration, diapers and distractions, tension and tenderness. While in the thick of this seeming insanity I get claustrophobic and emotional, I feel as though things will never loosen up or relax; there will never be enough time.

Where is that guy I married? We have talked about groceries, money, school drop offs and email, but we have not really seen each other. When I find my friend, all of a sudden I am back in a space where I feel like things are workable.  We can operate as a partnership and a creative force, and my energy and capacity is exponentially increased. All of a sudden we have time to talk about subtle feelings and neurotic confessions, aspirations and theory or nothing at all. We see each other.

Five years ago we were married in our little apartment on Harvey St. We vowed to love each other and support each others work in the world. To take care of our family and take care of this world in all the ways we could think of. I am amazed at the weight of that commitment and the places it has taken us. Two children and two apartments later we are right on the edge of our lives. Devoted to this place of Nova Scotia and learning all we can from other parts of the world. Experiencing an incredible wave of creativity and collaboration and working to bring it into our home and work and city on daily basis.

To my partner in all things: Sweep me off my speedy feet, woo me with wonder, romance me with radical notions and accost me with affection. Let us keep up the love through all months of the year and explore our dark and deep hearts in every moment.


Love to Share

This is a great talk. I love the concept cause I love to share. Well this is not completely and always true… but a lot of the time I like to share. My house, my food, my books, my thoughts, my children. I like to share other peoples cars, food, children power tools…  I felt so inspired by the very idea that this sort of thing is happening in such a huge way.

On a personal level sharing helps me to break out of my self indulgent patterns. If I begin thinking of how I can use the things I have to help others, I become less territorial about the things I own. I am less eager to accumulate more things, and begin to see needing help as an opportunity to reach out. I don’t see “needing help” as a deficiency, or some kind of poverty, but as the simple reality that all people are not all things, we don’t own all the things(or we shouldn’t have to!), we live together and we are interdependent. Things become a way to connect with others, and to learn to ask for help, even if that is as simple as ” Can I borrow one of your purses for my trip to Toronto?” (true story). I am realizing, more and more, that asking for help is as generous as offering help. How can we share our needs and offerings in order to uncover our own vulnerability and the wealth of our community? Share your ideas with me. I would love to hear what you know of that is happening in this vast field of sharing, collaboration and community.