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Fridate Night

It started with a bribe… “If we go get you a haircut, we can go for ice cream after”. And it worked. So on my way home today I stopped in at Foxy Moon to book an appointment for my 4 year old, Gabe.  When I do his hair  at home there is a tantrum about hair in the mouth and eyes, despite the protective goggles and bandana over the nose and mouth. Gabe was perfect through the cut in anticipation of his prize,  and I got some local organic dry shampoo made at FM! (review to follow soon).

On to ice cream. On the way we stop to admire the beauties in the window at Turnstile. A very inviting spot with lots of handmade greats. “‘Ice cream mom!” Ok ,ok, off we go to Johnny’s Snack Bar, right up the street. A bustling Friday night filled with fish and chips and milkshakes. Gabe’s chocolate sunday was savored for many glorious moments.

Walking home hand in hand on this dark December eve, I feel so rich to live in this city. What a wonderful place full of artists and farmers, teachers and cooks, musicians and thinkers.  Thank you Halifax. You get better everyday.