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Festive Food at Fid

Well I have to say I was mighty impressed last night when I went to Fid with my family for my mothers birthday dinner. It is such a pleasure and relief to see local food on a menu. I could imagine the booths at the farmers market, the faces of the producers and the land where the veggies were grown. How sweet to feel the richness of Nova Scotia pulled together in such a well crafted menu and beautiful space. We enjoyed our food and wine and each other’s company with immense relaxation and humor. I realized that much of our conversation revolved around “Local” topics….the food, the market, the economy and business. As we talked we tried to articulate what it is that we love about this place and the stuff of this place. My mother always promotes local,organic and seasonal but there is something else that we value- something difficult to describe because it is magical, elusive and full of heart. I feel further challenged to find this quality in the food I eat and serve to my family. I am happy to report that Fid lived up to all of these criteria and beyond. A dinner to remember and repeat for sure.¬†http://fidresto.ca


Wednesday is the new Saturday

I went to market today with my little tiger and Auntie Sandra. I decided that I should check out what was available there before heading to the superstore. It was a gorgeous day for a stroll and the wind turbines looked magnificent against the clear sky. The market was pleasantly quiet and spacious. A few good humored conversations here and there but mostly lots of space. Ahhhh…..

I was able to buy some veggies, meat, cheese and a bottle of wine before heading over to talk to my friend Steve in his new digs. This is when the magic happened…. He wove a story of the the new farmers market egg-o-reno, complete with farm fresh eggs, gouda and market greens. Then he told me of his intention to make the market cafe in to a babe and mom friendly space! My heart is yours Steve and so are my Wednesday’s from now on. Come join me in a grocery shop and a latte in my new fave spot!