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New Year/New Shopping Traditions

Or maybe a tradition of not shopping? I got a link from my partner in crime, Claire, the other day showing me a blog by her friend who has decided not to shop this year. http://www.retail-free.com. This reminded me of my friend Perdita, who last year blogged about her 365-day fashion re-hab. http://www.365fashionrehab.com. So I am feeling this trend of restraint, even with those of us that have dedicated our lives to finding great stuff and acquiring it. I love it and hate it. I guess that’s how I know it is a good thing to explore further… I am going to join in this retail free year to the best of my ability. BUT not to worry I will be still be scouting out great local buys for you! AND furthermore I will be emphasizing great ways to invest in local culture and community without buying stuff. I am looking forward to revolutionizing my lifestyle and mining the riches of Nova Scotia in this coming year… I hope you are with me! (This photo was taken on Windsor st. last week. An excellent offering of winter humor. Gabe wanted to take it home for soup!)