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New Year/New Shopping Traditions

Or maybe a tradition of not shopping? I got a link from my partner in crime, Claire, the other day showing me a blog by her friend who has decided not to shop this year. http://www.retail-free.com. This reminded me of my friend Perdita, who last year blogged about her 365-day fashion re-hab. http://www.365fashionrehab.com. So I am feeling this trend of restraint, even with those of us that have dedicated our lives to finding great stuff and acquiring it. I love it and hate it. I guess that’s how I know it is a good thing to explore further… I am going to join in this retail free year to the best of my ability. BUT not to worry I will be still be scouting out great local buys for you! AND furthermore I will be emphasizing great ways to invest in local culture and community without buying stuff. I am looking forward to revolutionizing my lifestyle and mining the riches of Nova Scotia in this coming year… I hope you are with me! (This photo was taken on Windsor st. last week. An excellent offering of winter humor. Gabe wanted to take it home for soup!)


Home Grown Goods and Local Loot

Here we are at my first blog! Ahhh.

I have been inspired to blog by my irrepressible desire to shop and my intense anxiety about the materialist culture we live in.  So instead of beating myself up I have decided to promote the best shopping I know of. That is local. Not just locally owned businesses, but products that are produced locally. Food, flowers, crafts, art, clothes, furniture and anything else I can think of or find that is made in Nova Scotia (or very close to NS). There are so many amazing, skilled, creative folks here and I think with a little effort we can really show that we care about investing in products from home. So I invite you to join me in consuming the best of what NS has to offer. Let’s give gifts that have a story, that support local people and communities, and that celebrate the wealth of our place. Here.

So please let me know what you think is rad, beautiful, practical or genius. I will post photos and hints. Shopping spots and craft markets. I want as much help as I can get so please chime in, pipe up and tell the world.