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Love to Share

This is a great talk. I love the concept cause I love to share. Well this is not completely and always true… but a lot of the time I like to share. My house, my food, my books, my thoughts, my children. I like to share other peoples cars, food, children power tools…  I felt so inspired by the very idea that this sort of thing is happening in such a huge way.

On a personal level sharing helps me to break out of my self indulgent patterns. If I begin thinking of how I can use the things I have to help others, I become less territorial about the things I own. I am less eager to accumulate more things, and begin to see needing help as an opportunity to reach out. I don’t see “needing help” as a deficiency, or some kind of poverty, but as the simple reality that all people are not all things, we don’t own all the things(or we shouldn’t have to!), we live together and we are interdependent. Things become a way to connect with others, and to learn to ask for help, even if that is as simple as ” Can I borrow one of your purses for my trip to Toronto?” (true story). I am realizing, more and more, that asking for help is as generous as offering help. How can we share our needs and offerings in order to uncover our own vulnerability and the wealth of our community? Share your ideas with me. I would love to hear what you know of that is happening in this vast field of sharing, collaboration and community.